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 AlphaRet Peel

The AlphaRet skin peel facial treatment features an award-winning technology that smooths and softens the skin, as well as giving it a more even look. Utilising Skinbetter science’s innovative AlphaRet product, these peels are perfect for anyone with mild or moderate photodamage, blemishes and early signs of ageing.

 The AlphaRet peel provides a multilayer exfoliation using a combination of AHA and BHA’s:


Lactic Acid – AHA: water soluble
Very small and exfoliating, lactic stimulates HA (hyaluronic acid) up to 75-95% more than glycolic - wise choice for volumizing, plumping, hydrating, collagen-boosting skin health properties


Glycolic Acid – AHA: water soluble
Smallest AHA molecule, glycolic is a chemical exfoliant that breaks down and eliminates dead skin cells on the outer later of the skin


Salicylic Acid – BHA: oil soluble
Penetrates deep into the pores, loosens dead skin cells, helps alleviate clogged pores and break down pimples and comedones


Promotes a more radiant, bright skin appearance and can assist as an effective acne ingredient.

Skin Preparation: None required.

Stength: Superficial peel with minimal downtime.


AlphaRet Triple Peel


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